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Monster Petite Panic - Neko Kanda

Ah, Neko Kanda, how do you always manage to deliver such cute stories ?!


Monster Petite Panic is set in a world in which people have powers, known as Kago. The power is derived from angels, demons, beasts, ghost, monsters and so forth. It follows Kojirou Suzuki, who is in a high school for those with very powerful Kago, and Lauri Asagiri, the Public Morals Committee president.


The story itself flows nicely, and the characters are really loveable. The art is, as always amazing, with the colour pages looking stunning. I really enjoyed the progression of the story, and the progression of the relationship. It was really natural.


The story is quite short, only four chapters long, with a bonus at the end. I would be really happy if a sequel was produced, but am content.


In terms of 'heat' it was quite low. Only a kiss in the main story. There was a blow-job in the bonus at the end, but nothing further. I personally did not mind this, as I don't think that sex makes the story. I'm more interested in the emotional connections between characters. (Not that I don't appreciate some nice smut.) We do know who the uke and who the seme is, as it says in the book's description. Kojirou is the uke, and Lauri the seme.


The world that Neko Kanda has created is really interesting. Is is solid, and believable. I would love to see her continue with this universe, either through continuing Kojirou and Lauri's story, or following other characters from the school. (I wouldn't mind seeing a story about Hiraoka and the other committee member.)


I recommend this manga to anyone looking for a light, cute romance, with great characters.